• Absolute Distance Meter

    Absolute Distance Meter

  • 3D Profilometer

    3D Profilometer

 OptoComb offers fast and accurate high quality visual inspection systems.
 These systems improve productivity and quality for various steps in the manufacturing process:


●Digital and visual inspection

●Quality Improvement

●Automated inspection

●In-line full inspection

●Assembly Inspection

●Non-destructive inspection

●CAD design

●Reverse engineering

●Cost reduction


 OptoComb measurement systems can offer novel solutions to overcome difficult problems.


Applicable Areas:

●Automotive Components (engines, chassis, etc.)

●Heavy Industry

●Aerospace (turbine blades, large sized components, long distance measurements, etc.)

●Nuclear Power Industry (measurement in danger zones)


●Molding Components (pressing, precision machining and complex shapes)



※Please contact us for details regarding your precision measurement application.