Optical Comb may have the solutions you seek

Has the state of things changed since the founding of Optical Comb?

No one would have predicted the major influence of the 2005 Nobel Prize which popularized the optical frequency comb technique. Among the many methods to produce an optical comb, the adoption of a passive method for generating an optical comb by this company has proven to be of significant merit. Recently, our customers are providing us with a renewed impetus to help with the development of many new applications.

Has the business and products changed?

Our core concept of making and introducing original products has not changed. A great example of this concept was the introduction of our optical frequency counter in 2005, a culmination of development work since our founding. Originally, the concept for this product was written in a paper I published before the company was founded. There was a desire to develop it into something others would find useful. Since then, we are focusing on extremely precise distance measurement using an optical comb. Such measurement products are ground breaking as they can fundamentally improve the quality of manufacturing in the world. 

Do you still have new ideas for products and technology innovation?

There are many new ideas waiting to be realized. There relevance must be judged in the context of the current demands of the industry. If there is a good match we can pursue new product ideas and develop them in cooperation with our customers.

Please explain your dream for the future of your business

As a company, despite the many difficulties ahead we want to become an example of a successful hardware venture. Contributing to Japanese manufacturing and craftsmanship is one of our important goals. Raising the level of manufacturing precision and accuracy using our optical comb products is an example of this. We want to help to make things of high quality, something that is very Japanese. Internationally, there is a feeling of an increasing demand for such high quality manufacturing, and we hope help meet that demand. 

Lastly, please give a message to any potential and existing customers

Please don’t hold back on any questions you might have. We want to be asked “can you do this?” Even though it isn’t obvious at first, Optical Comb may have the answers you are looking for.

Motonobu Kourogi

Chairman and Executive Director Ph.D. in Engineering