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3D Scanner/Inline Measurement System

Optical Comb's inline non-contact 3D scanner model, useful on the manufacturing floor for automatically identifying defective parts.
The inline model is placed directly onto a manufacturing line, there is no robot stage.
Presently, visual inspection of defects in casting parts, etc. is being automated. 
CAD software is being incorporated for identification of defective parts.
Presently, a few users within large automobile makers are trying out our scanners.

▼Main fields of application
  Casting parts、Press parts、Metal molds

▼Maximum object size
  ・XY plane: 2 square meters
  ・Z direction: Measurment head can be placed up to 0.5 meters from the object
  ・Can measure a 50cm line in the Y direction within 30 seconds.

  ・Can save labor in a manufacturing line by eliminating human inspection.
  ・Enhance the quality process by digitizing pass and fail parts in a manufacturing line.
  ・Can measure complex shaped parts that could not measure before.




▼Please view the Optical Comb scanner introduction movie below.

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