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3D Scanner/L80 Model

Optical Comb's non-contact 3D scanner entry model:
Line scan range of 80mm.
Depth range of 130mm in a few seconds.
Experience an accuracy and speed in this desktop model that is not yet realized by other companies.
▼Basic Specifications
    • Z-axis accuracy: 10μm (averaged resolution of 1μm@0.1msec)
    • Depth range: 130mm
    • Line scan range: 80mm
    • Working distance: 140mm (distance from object to be measured)
    • Line scan measurement speed: 18mm/sec
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▼Can measure complex and convoluted shapes

Uses a red light guide to highlight the measurement line.

Can measure wherever our light source can reflect from.


Demonstrated at the 4/2016 Optical Measuring Expo