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3D Scanner/OPTED L240 Model

Optical Comb's high performance non-contact 3D scanner model.
Able to measure large objects due to its 240mm line scan range.
Can measure depths up to 130mm the same as all of our 1G based models.
Micron order accuracy.
In a quality measurement room, can reduce the measurment time from a few hours to a few minutes.
▼Basic Specifications:
    • Z-axis accuracy: 10μm(averaged resultion of 1μm@0.1msc
    • Measurement depth: 130mm
    • Line scan range: 240mm
    • Working distance: 140mm (distance from measurment object)
    • Line scan measurement speed: 18mm/sec
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▼Optimized large object measurement

One shot measurement of a large car part from a PC laptop.





▼Measurment results for the above automobile part

Measurement time of 20 seconds and image processing time of 13 seconds using a laptop PC.

Scanners that can measure such complex shapes are few, especially in 20 seconds.