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Optical Comb Absolute Distance Meter

 Absolute distance meter using an optical comb.

Can measure up to 78m at a 5um accuracy.

     (Distance meter optical source)


The length (tail to front) of many planes is on the order of 70 meters, perfect for our absolute distance meter to measure related parts, like the frame, at a micron accuracy.



<Great accuracy evaluation by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)>


 The picture shows the accuracy evaluation of our optical comb based absolute distance meter at AIST.

Measurment results reached and or exceeded the measurement limits of the AIST setup.


Below are the measurment accuracy results at 78 meters up to 5um.

 ・Measurement distance ~80m、degree of accuracy <0.1ppm

 ・Accuracy of 1μm@5m and 5μm@78m

 Normal laser distance meters can measure distances over hundreds of meters, but at a much reduced accuracy compared to an optical comb based distance meter.

 We can realize the high potential of a device based on an optical comb source.