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The second important part or clue to the success of inline measurment



The first important part to successful inline measurement is speed. The second important part to successful inline measurement is recognition ability.


The Optical Comb scanner is a powerful eye.

A powerful eye can process more information. Higher accuracy is desired for increased recognition ability.


Recognition logic is required for automatic defect recognition. Because of this, the importance of software that incorporates recognition logic based on a threshold derived from a data base of "good" parts has increased.  


Key words like IOT, deep learning and industrial 4.0 all help define a new era, which Optical Comb has prepared for.

We propose a strong eye or measurement hardware combined with efficient pattern recognition software to meet the needs of this new era.


Please try our device and experience it for yourself.

【Contributed by : Optical Comb, Inc. Director and COO Naotaka Noda】 


Nomura Research Institute:  Engaged in Business Consulting and corporate renewal.

Afterwards: Listed web venture, etc. and finally Optical Comb, Inc.

Goal: Help the realization of Industry 4.0 in Japan through the measurment equipment business.

Expertise: Business management and marketing, business reform and system development.

Hobbies: Automobiles and touring automobile manufacturing lines.