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The first important part or clue to the success of inline measurement


In the era of Industry 4.0, inline measurement is and will be an important area of interest for the world manufacturing industry.

Speed, an important part of inline measurement, is one focus of the latest technology developments in this area.

Typically accuracy is a focus of discussion when talking about inline measurement equipment. However, speed is also an important part.

Of course, a certain accuracy is necessary. A required accuracy of 10-100 microns is standard for the automobile industry.

Optical Comb has this accuracy standard covered.

In addition, Optical Comb has improved on the required accuracy, by realizing an accuracy of 1 micron at the cost of narrowing the vision depth and increasing the measurement time.

So what is the speed requirement?

The measurement over an area of tens of centimeters of a casting product should take less than one minute.

The human eye is capable of parts discrimination at a high level over such a speed and area.

The industry is looking to substitute a measurement device with the same speed and decision power as the human eye.

The optical comb scanner can measure 50 centimeters in 30 seconds.

The scanner software can make automated decisions within 5 to 10 seconds.

In some circumstances, the scanner can achieve a quality check speed greater than a human.

Having already met and exceeded the industry requirement of 10 to 100 microns accuracy, we wish to meet the additional industry demand for high speed measurement.


【Contributed by : Optical Comb, Inc. Director and COO Naotaka Noda】 


Nomura Research Institute:  Engaged in Business Consulting and corporate renewal.

Afterwards: Listed web venture, etc. and finally Optical Comb, Inc.

Goal: Help the realization of Industry 4.0 in Japan through the measurment equipment business.

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