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Low Noise-High Accuracy Optical Comb Source

導波路型光コム発生器 WTAS-02



  • LN waveguide based
  • Center Wavelength: 1550nm
  • Comb interval: 25GHz
  • Comb span: 10THz(Typical)
  • Input and Output PM fiber
  • High frequency accuracy and stablility
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact
  • Input light from external optical source


  • Multiple wavelength source for optical communications
  • Optical frequency standard, etc.

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Optical Comb source WTAS-02

Temperature Controlled Optical Comb Source

光コム発生器 WTEC-01


  • Cavity length is temperature controlled
  • Light source, RF source and sub systems not included
  • Low cost
  • Modulation frequency: 25GHz
  • Other specifications are the same as the WTAS-01


  • 光通信用多波長光源
  • 光周波数計測用標準光源、他

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 Optical comb source WTEC-01-25



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